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Wednesday 1 April 2015 - 10.30 am                            The Essential Cardiff Walking Tour

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Cardiff Walking Tours

If you want to get to know Cardiff and enjoy a good walk then look no further than our award winning Cardiff Walking Tours.

Cardiff on Foot specialises in walking tours around Wales's greatest city. We like to keep our tour groups as small as possible and we believe that a walking tour in the company of a knowledgable local is the best way to discover our city.

We offer a variety of walking tours that will show you our rich city life, both past and present. Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and has a long and fascinating history going back 2000 years. A Cardiff on Foot walking tour can introduce you to Romans, Welsh princes, Norman lords, martyrs, pirates and revolutionaries, marquesses, and of course King Coal.

What do our customers say about Cardiff on Foot?

"Excellent", "a wonderful tour", "highly recommended", "a perfect introduction to Cardiff", "great fun", "excellent value for money", "knowledgable and interesting", "just the right time", "a revelation", "I was really impressed" - Taken from recent Tripadvisor reviews.